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Click below for our answers to some commonly asked questions about buying private number plates.

Yes, of course. Please note the following procedural rules:
If your cherished registration is on a vehicle: You must be the Registered Keeper of the vehicle or be acting with the complete consent of the Keeper in order to sell the registration. Please note that the Registered Keeper will need to agree to the selling Terms and Conditions in the event of a sale.
In order to comply with the regulations of the government Cherished Registration Mark Transfer Scheme, all vehicles must be taxed (or tax exempt), have a current MOT (if of the required age) and be easily identifiable from their chassis numbers.
Please check your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C or V5NI) does not say 'Non-transferable registration mark'. This information will be listed under Section 3 – Special Notes, on the front cover of your Registration Certificate. A non-transferable registration mark cannot be sold or transferred but you may transfer another registration to a vehicle that has such a mark.
If your cherished registration is held on a government certificate: The certificate must be within its expiry date, i.e. currently valid and you must be recorded as the Grantee or the Purchaser, or be acting with the consent of the Grantee or Purchaser, in order to sell the registration mark. Please note that we will usually need to speak with the named Grantee to confirm that they agree to the selling Terms and Conditions.
To mis-space or mis-represent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971. Be sure to enter your registration number correctly because the finished number plates will be made to the same spacing you enter into our plate builder. Be sure to enter your registration number as shown on your Tax Disc, Log Book (V5) or DVLA document V796 (available in pdf on the web). This applies to number plates only and not novelty plates (names etc …).
Very Important. You cannot simply make up a registration number and use it on the UK highway. Either yourself or the person you’re buying for must already own the registration number you will use. Number1Plates do not sell registration numbers, we simply make number plates.
You can space your registration exactly as you would like and it will be made as you see online, but to be Road compliant you will only need to add one space in the registration and in the correct location. We leave the choice up to you as you know your Registration Number better than us.
If you or your insurance company have endorsed the disposal of your vehicle, then technically, the vehicle ceases to exist and consequently the registration mark that is assigned to it at the time is deleted from the DVLA's register and would not be recoverable.
The bottom line is this. If you or your insurance company are going to scrap your vehicle, you must arrange to have your personal registration number transferred or retained first. Note that the body responsible for scrapping the vehicle has an obligation to notify the DVLA and must return the V5 registration document.
Yes, you must advise your insurance company of your new personal registration number. It is also a good idea to inform them in writing that in the event of a vehicle 'write off' or a claim for stolen and not recovered, the rights to the registration mark will remain with you. Request that they acknowledge this in writing. Most insurance companies won't charge you for issuing a modified insurance certificate.
It may be possible to get your certificate renewed. It's at the discretion of the DVLA. The less time that has elapsed since the expiry date the higher the chance of a renewal. A week or so should not cause a problem, though there is no guarantee.
If you are named as the purchaser on the certificate you can send it straight to the DVLA in Swansea. Otherwise you will have to send it back to the original purchasers, in this case us. Either way, you should include a cover note explaining why the certificate had not been renewed. It's best to avoid claiming that you forgot, as the DVLA will be looking for something more substantial. You must include the renewal fee. Cheques should be made payable to 'DVLA'.
The Retention Scheme is where a registration mark is taken off a vehicle and placed onto a certificate of entitlement. This then allows the owner to transfer the plate to another vehicle at their convenience, and means that they can sell or scrap the donor vehicle.
Yes, we can do that for you. You will need to immediately supply us with the documents of the vehicle to which you wish to transfers the registration, and you will also need to send us an extra £80 cheque payable to the 'Department for Transport' to cover the fee for this additional transfer. If you want to keep the old number, but have no second vehicle available, then we can put that registration onto a retention certificate for you.
If you are buying a new, unregistered car you have two options:
1 : Wait until your new vehicle is registered and then ask us to transfer your new personalised number plate onto it, or;
2 :If National Regs are able to supply your new personalised number plate on a certificate you can, in most cases give the certificate to the dealership you are buying your car from and ask them to do the transfer when the car is registered.
Yes, motorcycles and mopeds can participate freely in the registration marks, UK and Ireland registered..

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